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Vonie Kalich Coaching

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After decades of teaching, training, managing, and coaching all fitness levels, I transitioned my career in 2016 and eagerly stepped out into the world as an Equine Gestalt Coach. As my client base grew, I quickly realized most of my clients dealt with grief and traumas associated with their health and wellness. They were carrying the ‘weight of the world.’

It didn’t matter if it was through thoughts or spoken words; how they communicated with themselves supported any limiting beliefs they had. However, by taking a more holistic approach and thinking beyond the “mindset” of the impossible, they could be more effective in right-sizing the reality of living a healthy lifestyle.

Thankfully, we’ve moved past the shelter in place, and I can once again partner with my horse and connect with my private clients and share the experience of Equine Gestalt Coaching.

Coaching with me –

There are many styles and types of coaches available in a sea of coaches. However, if you are ready to…

• Make the changes YOU want to make and not for those that want you to change.
• Penetrate the buzz and noise that clouds your mind and keeps you stuck.
• Identify and move past self-imposed limitations.
• Integrate and form new behaviors that move you forward in life.
• Improve emotional responses to become less reactionary and more reflective.
• Define your goals and set a course of action.

You’ll increase your self-confidence and release the 'weight of the world.'

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Cody awaiting our corporate participants.
Our guests arrived.
Opening circle.
Cody connecting with the participant.
Connection is made.
Cody offering support for their healing from a pandemic.
Stone toss - releasing the negative words of a pandemic.
Cody holding space while play a game around typology.
Laughter and fun jokes.
How do I show up as a manager, as a leader? How do I want to show up?
Grooming in silence. Connecting to self.
Grooming in silence. Connecting to self.
Connection with self and the horse
Getting some Cody LOVE!

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Vonie Kalich
Personal Growth & Development Coach