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Heritage Family Law


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About Us

Heritage Family Law aims to be the most respected family law firm in Southwest Washington. Originally formed in 2007 as Slate and Jones, the company grew into a two-state, multi branch firm. After a hiatus from 2014-2016, our founding attorney and managing partner Glenn Slate moved back to Clark County, where headquarters were re-established and renamed as Heritage Family Law.

Heritage Family Law believes that clients deserve not only the best representation available but also a strong relationship with their legal team. From your first call to your last day, we will partner with you every step of the way. We will even develop a strategic case plan and update it often. Additionally, you will regularly hear from your team, so you don’t have to guess what is happening. You will have an online portal where you can connect with your case manager to ask or even answer questions. That means, anytime you want, you can check in online and see progress.

Heritage Family Law doesn’t just set the standard for legal excellence, it also raises the bar for client care. Starting over is never easy and we want you to feel like you’ve got both a village and an army at your back. So, in line with our values, we also provide a supportive divorce and transition coach who will help connect you to screened therapists, financial planners, and realtors. They can also help you create budgets, find daycare or even help you find a new career. At Heritage Family Law, we want you to know you are no longer alone.