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I know what I'm doing this weekend!

I know what I'm doing this weekend!

I know what I'm doing this weekend!

I know what I’m doing this weekend! 


Tomorrow morning, the Chamber team will be out and about Downtown Vancouver working with the City and Vancouver’s Downtown Association for the Spruce The Couve program, planting and cleaning up areas in our Downtown. If you want to learn about how you can participate in Spruce The Couve, follow this link.

The Greater Vancouver Chamber serves all of Clark County and we look for opportunities to serve within each of the communities across the County. Let us know if your city has a project where you could use an extra set of helping hands! 

Thank you to everyone who joined us this morning at the Annual Legislative Review event. In partnership with CREDC, ICC, and Presenting Sponsor NW Natural, this virtual event hosted over 110 professionals, eagerly listening to the wrap up of the latest legislative session. Shout out to our entire Clark County delegation for participating and addressing the questions from the local businesses and attendees – virtual platforms have been a learning curve for everyone, and with patience, we are proud to call this event a success once again. For those of you who registered and were unable to make it, keep an eye on your email as a copy of the recording will be sent your way. 


Looking Forward to Re-Opening 
The Chamber’s new office located on Main Street, offers us the opportunity to welcome our members and other area businesspeople to a contemporary space as well as offering co-working desks and office resources. Although the office is not yet officially open, watch for announcements of our open house. Let us know if you are interested in stopping by for a quick tour – we would be happy to show you our individual office spaces available, in the case that your work-from-home setup needs some change. 


Spend Your Time Shopping Local! 
After the Chamber’s Team Clean, you know what I’m doing this weekend – that's right, Shopping Locally! Although the Buy One Get One promotion has ended, we encourage you to continue to support the Shop Local efforts by purchasing and participating in Grow The 360, now with over $105,000 of Gift Certificates in circulation! 
Purchase Yours & View Participating Merchants: 


Business Resource: Re-Opening Plan & Guidance – Tuesday, May 25 
The Association of Washington Business (AWB) is providing an online seminar featuring the Washington State Department of Health, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, and the Governor’s office will be in attendance to discuss new re-opening plans and their effects on business. Register here, to attend this no-cost session.


Business Resource: Workforce Call-to-Action Summit – Wednesday, June 2 
Our nation has far too many people without jobs – and far too many jobs without people to fill them. The pandemic exacerbated America’s workforce problem, and the need is only going to become more apparent. This special event will bring together leaders from government and industry to discuss how – together – we can close the people-jobs gap, unleash economic opportunity, and fuel America’s long-term competitiveness. Register here to tune in on Wednesday, June 2 at 12 Noon to the US Chamber of Commerce’s seminar.


Safe By Summer: Sign The Pledge Here! 

There are over three-dozen businesses, including the Chamber, that have taken the pledge to have 80% of their staff vaccinated and “Safe By Summer.” This campaign provides business owners with flyers, email templates, and graphics to use when sharing the information around the region. You can also view resources for your employees and their families. View the website, here.

Have a great weekend everyone, and for those of you volunteering tomorrow morning, don’t forget to say hi! 

John McDonagh
Greater Vancouver Chamber


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