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I don’t always buy Gift Certificates...

I don’t always buy Gift Certificates...

I don’t always buy Gift Certificates... 


...But when I do, they’re through Grow The 360! Nothing like collaboration and supporting local businesses. 

The merchants who’ve signed up to redeem Grow The 360 Gift Certificates are feeling the love from residents. With regard to the Buy One Get One program that resulted in $100,000 in certificates in circulation, many of them have already been redeemed among the 70 merchants already registered in the program. With over $90,000 still in circulation (we had over $20,000 in circulation before the BOGO program began) there is plenty of time to register to redeem, here.

Collaboration has been the biggest benefit of the pandemic, teaching many of us how strong we can be together rather than competing. A great example of that resulted are the billboards along I-5 and I-205 featuring Grow The 360. ilani, a partner in providing a portion of the “Get One” funding for Grow The 360 thought it would be a great idea to remind our friends and neighbors (not to mention visitors, how important it is to support our local businesses. So, they have decided to dedicate some of their outdoor advertising to the program. Now that is collaboration that makes a difference!



Let’s Get Safe By Summer 

The list of businesses taking the pledge, to help educate their employees about how important the vaccine is to get us back to normal, is growing every day.  The goal is to get Clark County to 80% vaccinated by August 15. We’re well on our way but need each of you not yet on the list to take the pledge, use the tool kit to bring the message of safety to your employees, and help us get back to normal by mid-August. 


Want to try out a new Summer class? 
Our friends at WSU Vancouver have opened registration for a new certificate course in Mobile App Development for Beginners. Learn how to make Apps for iOS and Android devices (iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones and tablets). More information can be found here: 



UPDATE: Fun Note Friday will be taking a bit of a hiatus during the remainder of June. We are amid many exciting changes at the Greater Vancouver Chamber and when you next receive Fun Note Friday in July it will be stuffed with a new look, information about what we’ve been up to and of course a bit of humor to end your week. 


Have a great month and we’ll be back next month, 

John McDonagh 
Greater Vancouver Chamber


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