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7 Ways to Support Local Biz

7 Ways to Support Local Biz

7 Ways to Support Local Biz

From restaurants to boutiques, SW Washington houses many different types of businesses that cater to many different clienteles. COVID-19 poses a challenging time for these local businesses as many consumers look to large grocery stores and bulk-buying to compensate for the anticipated quarantine timeline. With the mandates and recommendations offered this week alone, we've drafted up a few ways to continue to #SupportLocal and stimulate our local economy in the best way we can. 

Here are just 7 Ways to Support Local Business:

1. Gift Cards: Buying gift cards from your favorite restaurants and shops that have closed their doors temporarily is an easy way to support business! Just because you can't use the gift card now, doesn't mean you can't use it when the mandates change.

2. Take-Out & Delivery: With so many different tools for food service these days, getting your favorite pastries and pastas are only a click of a button away. Call ahead to your favorite restaurant to see which method they prefer, then designate a pickup or dropoff point where you can grab your grub! Grubhub, Doordash, Uber Eats, and Postmates are just a few delivery services to choose from.

3. Here's a Tip: As you grab that takeout order, consider tipping a little more than you previously would. Although this may not directly contribute to the business' bottom-line, it will contribute to the appreciation of the community as well as the individual.

4. Social Media: To some, social distancing means an increase in activity on social media. Share a post from your favorite Downtown spot or activity to spread the word! Make a dedicated update to friends and family about your experience with a local SW Washington business - the more visibility the better!

5. Donate: Communities thrive from the selflessness of others. Within your means, think about donating some items you may not need to the food pantry or shelters in your neighborhood. Or, if an upcoming event has been cancelled due to the restrictions on gathering size, consider donating that money to the organization. This will directly benefit organizations and support them as they stay open during this unique time.

6. Online Shop: Not saying you must adventure on a shopping spree, but this is the perfect time to visit the websites of local businesses you may have previously visited in-person. Check out all their online offerings and share some ideas to your friends!

7. Stay Safe: 
One of the most important things to focus on is you and your neighbor's health during this time. If you are feeling sick, or have been in contact with someone who has shown symptoms, consider working from home or using this time to practice social distancing. The more precautionary measures we use, the more opportunity we have for flattening the curve.

Download the Infographic, here!



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