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9 bar espresso

9 bar espresso

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About Us

Valuing our relationships with the communities we serve. We have a passion for helping people find joy in their coffee experience.

We support generations of people who love coffee.

We believe in supporting family and communities. This is why we look for multi-generational family coffee farms to source our coffee from. Supporting these small rural farms means we bring the same care and attention they have for their land and their legacy to you. We are a family owned company ourselves operating with our Pacific Northwest community in mind. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each coffee we roast. We want you to enjoy our coffee as much as we enjoy bringing it to you, drink it up!


We are a local family owned business that supports other small family owned businesses.
We offer a large variety of roasters blends and single origin coffees.
Our roaster is made in the USA by Diedrich Roasters in Idaho.
We love giving out stickers with orders.
An electronic gift card is the perfect gift to give to those loved ones near or far.