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Teach One to Lead One

Teach One to Lead One

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About Us

Teach One to Lead One (T1L1) is a community mentoring program that teaches universal principles to lead kids at risk into a life of purpose and potential. We've mentored over 4,000 youth across Clark County in the past ten years. We typically partner with local schools to reach kids who are at risk and match them with a healthy adult mentor. We are also working with other local agencies to reach kids who could use the support of a Teach One to Lead One mentor. T1L1 volunteer mentors undergo extensive training and certification prior to working with kids. We equip mentors with resources and a proven curriculum to based on ten universal principles to empower kids to become responsible citizens who thrive and give back to their community. As a part of our program every T1L1 mentee participates in a community service projects and upon completion of the program earns a graduation certificate.


Excellence In Leadership recipient Ian King with mentors at the 2020 T1L1 Leadership Breakfast
Teresa Lutz, Executive Director with Tamara Kerr, Program Director of T1L1
Sheriff Atkins with student