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MacKay Sposito

MacKay Sposito

Business Consultants

About Us

We're consultants in energy, public works, and land development, and we provide an array of technical disciplines. Our practical expertise spans megaproject design, planning and project management, master-planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture, construction management, land development, and environmental permitting for both public and private sector clients.

We're builders of long-lasting relationships. That means we think of our clients as people, not projects. We provide a bridge between the public and private sectors and open doors for our clients into communities. Our drive for your success is the cornerstone of our working relationship with you.

We're makers of strong communities and we lead by doing right, whether we're helping you to put together a complex mixed-use masterplan development, provide power to a remote rural outpost, or improve the facilities of your city.


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Rep/Contact Info

Jerry Balch
Kristen Currens
Heather Davis
Mahsa Eshghi
Transportation Manager
Christie Gallas
Director of Business Development
Gayle Gerke
Land User Planner
Jason Irving
Senior Engineer & Principal
Jason Joyce
HR Manager
Christine Maynard
Carla Meritt
Director of Survey
Emily Mills
Mike Odren
Rob Palena
Melanie Poe
Planning & Entitlement Specialist
Alivia Quintuga
Lauren Rellinger
Juanita Rogers
Derrick Smith
Jaclyn Smith
Planning and Entitlement Specialist
Marty Snell
Planning Manager
Jyoti Sohi
Accounting Manager
Kurt Stonex
Michael Strachan
Director of Business Development
Kevin Terlep
Peter Tuck