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Human Resource Services

About Us

We pioneered the concept of HR outsourcing and blazed the trail for an industry that was needed but didn’t exist when we started. We are leaders in the HR space, helping organizations nationwide harness the power of HR as a core driver of business success. What differentiates our HR solutions from the competition is our personalized, ideal blend of service and technology. We follow through. The breadth and depth of our service – and the level of care we provide – are unparalleled in the industry.

We are an HR-first company
People are and always have been at the core of everything we do. We developed a premium technology offering around our people strategy, versus the people strategy being an afterthought, further distinguishing our solutions in the marketplace. Only Insperity delivers on the promise of a true HR partner.

At Insperity, it’s not just HR outsourcing, it’s HR that makes a difference.® Our comprehensive, scalable HR solutions offer an optimal blend of service and technology to facilitate growth by streamlining processes related to payroll, benefits, talent management and HR compliance. We provide the tools to help you lighten your administrative load, maximize productivity and manage risks – so you can focus on growth. Because that’s what it means to have a true HR partner. For more information, visit

> Payroll and HR Administration
> Fortune 500-level Employee Benefits
> Risk Mitigation
> HR-Related Compliance
> Personalized HR and Talent Management Guidance
> HR Technology

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