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Bleu Door Bakery

Bleu Door Bakery

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About Us

When I was a little girl, my Mom would take me grocery shopping so I could buy boxes of cake mixes with my allowance. I loved adding things to the mix to see what effect my additions made. Often times, the center of the cake bubbled up or the outer edges were over baked but I always loved seeing the smiles it put on my parents’ face when they tried my latest creation. I can’t express in words how proud I am of this little bakery and how appreciative I am for all the support along the way. When my mother, Sally, comes to visit, she works alongside me making all kinds of fun desserts and now asks me “Can I Lick the Spoon?” Our sourdough starter is named “Mustang Sally” to remind me where it all began – with my Mom, in the kitchen, with a box of yellow cake mix……I love you Mom. B

In 2011 I leaped at the chance to open a small bakery and the Bleu Door Bakery was born! This gave me the opportunity to expand from just brownies to the items that I made with my mom back in her kitchen when I was a child as well as the varied and delectable confections I experienced during my travels.

I took another leap in 2015 and expanded the business to include a café with a larger and more diverse menu. The support that I receive from the local community has been incredible and humbling. I believe in supporting local and I am thrilled to be operating my dream business in Vancouver!

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